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Entry #1

Hey Guys

2010-04-08 11:58:26 by BlackShirtDesigner

Newgrounds, just thought I'd introduce myself a little bit. I'm just a young lad going to school at Wisc-Stout. I'm a multimedia design major here and just started toying around with flash. Hope you can all stand the kinks and nooks I hit in the beginning with some of the technical things, and I'm excited to here what you guys have to say about some of my future work.

Chillin' like a Villian,


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2010-04-08 13:29:56

Chillin' Like A Villian'? What does that even mean?

BlackShirtDesigner responds:

Its the first thing that rhymed in my head earlier in the morning. I blame the two hours of sleep but I'm usually not one for excuses. :)


2011-06-16 08:25:41

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